Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.   [ 1 John 4:11 ]
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My forgiving Lord !!!

My forgiving Lord

Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no
more. --Hebrews 8:12


There is so much bitterness and conflict

Anger, resentment and hatred

Does not matter if I am wrong or right

Does not matter if it cripples my Spiritual life

But I just can't agree with what you have done

And its beyond me to forgive and treat it as forgo


Wait a minute !!! Give it a thought

The definition of Grace and Forgiven must be thought

My " Lord and Saviour - Jesus Christ"

The one solitary life that says it all

His death on the cross " Forgives my sin &
forgets it all"

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

Easily sung but forgotten after all !!!


He teaches us humility not pride

To look at ourselves thru His perfect eyes

And then I see myself for what I am

And I wonder who am I to be forgiven ??

OR , who am I not to forgive ???

He  who is the
best eraser in the world of a honest confession

The perfect 
hiding place, for a contrite heart

The one who never looks at my past..

Sure loves and forgives me in spite of all my snags...


His example let us follow

Be slow to anger and plenteous in mercy

Forgiving and forgetting

Seven times seventy if need be

For our forgiving God does the same

Each day as we walk this pilgrim way...




  Admin     16 Jan 2012