Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,   [ Mat 2:1 ]
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Ye are my
friends, if ye do whatever I command you - John 15:14


He accepts me the way I am

He is the best ever companion I can have

He is my encourager
and intercessor

The one who believes in me and the one in whom I can trust

He never changes
with time

He is the same
yesterday today and all the time.

Are you wondering
who is this man?


He is Jesus, my
very own best friend

The Son of God, and yet not a far away

Never does He leave my side,

And it is with me that He wants to spend His

He is my hero,
and everything I look for in a friend

The one I can
talk to every time I need a friend.

My Lord Jesus
thank you for being my friend


You care for my
pain, and suffer as if it were your own

You give me cause to smile, though my world is
crashing down

You forgive my
mistakes and help in temptations

And when I am tired
and weary you are my consolation

Your friendship proven with your love that
is unconditional

My Lord Jesus thank
you for showing me what friendship is all about


What about you my
dear reader friend

Are you out there
all alone with no one to hold?

Are your cares
bearing your down, with no one to share?

Do consider my
best friend Jesus, for He cares for you too

He knows your
inner most fears and understands your need for love and care

He will never let
you down, and loves you all the time

He is the best of
everything you can look for in a friend

Will you not turn
to this ultimate friend?

My best friend Jesus !!



March 2004

  Admin     16 Jan 2012