I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.   [ Phil 4:13 ]
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Based on Psalm 139



Early morning at the feet of my savior

Without the connections of the world that I am under

One on one my Lord and I

I see Him for what He is and let Him see me for what I am

Lord! You searched me and you know me for what I am

You know with whom I sit, and what I do 

Every word on my tongue is known to you

Every thought of my heart is not hid from you

Bared and empty here I am before you


Itís with fear that I sit with you

Your holiness and my wretchedness

Your faithfulness and my unfaithfulness

Your unconditional love and my emptiness

Such knowledge is too high for me to understand

Itís too wonderful for me to attain

My soul yearns to give you

The glory due unto your name.

For this is what I am created for

To worship your holy name


I let myself go free

I throw away things that bind me

I connect with my creator with unleashed energy

I fall at His feet with a heart full of worship

I acknowledge His Lordship

I am thankful for he gives me son ship

And I adore Him for His friendship


Oh! How wretched is my eyes if it ever dims

The glory of your greatness

The beauty of your gentleness

The totality of your humanness

For thou are the King of all Kings

Lord of all Lords

The only savior of mankind

Who gave your life to make me your own.

I ask myself should I not give you my all?

Should I not open my mouth with praise?

Should I not give you the highest worship that I can give??...


Kochu Sheji


  Admin     16 Jan 2012