Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.   [ 1 John 4:11 ]
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How can God do that.............??


My little daughter once asked me, “How can God do that..?”  I could not think of a proper answer, other than tell her that God is all powerful and everything is possible with Him.


The World’s most renowned living Physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking, who is considered to be in the ranks of Einstein and Sir Issac Newton, said (in his very recent – [Aug. 2010] - Book) that “The laws of Physics, Not the will of God, provide the real explanation as to how life on Earth came into being”. 


Was this the answer to my daughter’s question – that everything was happening the way it did because of the Laws of Physics not because of the will and power of a Supreme God in whom we believe and for whom we live??  After all, this is said by the most ‘intelligent’ person alive on Planet earth.


We humans think that we have or are very near to solving the most intriguing puzzles of the universe, of life and all that is therein.   Man has his own answers for everything, including proof for the ‘non-existence of God’ and compelling credible evidence for the evolution of Man.  We have seen planets and stars nearly 13 billion lights years away, invented Computers that compute at ‘1+ Petaflop (one quadrillion operations) per second”, have mapped the DNA of humans (Human Genome project), cloned animals, created unbelievable energy at our laboratories (Large Hadron Collider), can travel several times the sound of speed (Mach 9+), invented ‘Intelligent Machines’ and so on and on.   


To convince my 6 year old daughter, I needed something more convincing than the billions of pieces/pages of scientific evidence that I could get from the Encyclopedias and Internet.


I asked my daughter if she heard about Virus & Bacteria.  These are known (by Humans) to be the smallest organisms and each of these are made up of only a single/few cells and has one of the simplest anatomies of any living organism.


Our world’s super-enlightened Scientists, Doctors, Physicists & Chemists, who are nearly at the verge of making God obsolete with their knowledge, have, over the years, spent millions and millions of man years studying these Bacteria & Viruses.  They are armed with the most advanced technology, Supercomputers, Telescopes that can see beyond “our dreams” and collective knowledge, he thinks, is complete and near perfect to God’s.


In spite of all our efforts, we are nowhere near to understand even this one-celled living organism, forget taming or defeating them.  Viruses/Bacteria have killed billions of people in the past and continue to do so in millions every year (Malaria, Plague, TB, HIV/Aids, Typhoid, smallpox, Ebola, cholera, leprosy, yellow fever, H1N1, etc), even to this day.  Every time we come up with a ‘wonder drug’ and declare an end to the combat between Humankind and this single-celled organism, these creatures quickly appear in a different form and takes away the lives of another millions of us.  A cure for the most dreaded disease (yet) HIV is several years away… but now we already have a new entry… the Superbug NDM-1!! 


Man assumes there are several million types of Bacteria/Viruses on earth of which only less than 0.005% is known or understood till date.  Shamefully, we have still not defeated ONE of them. Yet…??


We, humans, are so dumb, that we cannot understand the simplest and smallest of God’s creation, yet we claim to know things that are beyond the advent of man and even ‘matter’.   We can’t understand a one celled creation but want to fully understand the sovereign creator and pass our judgment on his existence and powers?  We want to declare Him non-existent because it is beyond our understanding?  Hypocrisy.


Let this reality bring us back to the understanding that there is an all powerful God who has revealed Himself unto us through his son Jesus Christ; that He is the author of everything we see and those we don’t see, everything we know and the unknown…!  God is not an invention of some Religious fanatic or a superstitious old-timer.  He is, was and will be; and EVERYTHING is possible with Him.


To answer my daughter (and everybody else) “How can God do that…” is, “if someone can do it, perfect, every time, all the time, it’s none other than our living God”.



  StanLee     25 Sep 2010